Clare Turcott

Enjoys painting and drawing with a variety of media and continues experimenting with rice papers, watercolour paper and cotton rag boards. The artist takes cues from nature, sketching whenever she can. Her sketches offer new ideas however abstract. The world becomes a more exhilarating place to live with painting and new insights develop, inviting to viewer to interpret. Much of her work brings to focus random elements into a painterly formation of wholeness. The poetry of the motion of sand grains can be reflected random splatterings of paint or changing clouds across the sky, cerelean blue watercolour on white paper. Blades of grass or ocean waves made out of rice paper paint their own picture in relationship to the other elements in the work.

The artist believes ultimately paint, charcoal, canvas, paper is its own language for interpreting the world around us and ourselves. Life is a painting and it is the artists goal to encompass life through painting.

All images are for viewing purposes only and may not be downloaded, copied or duplicated in any form.